The Beauty of Soul Living

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i'm a free spirit and artist, living a spiritual and magical life... bonding with Mother Earth... communicating with my higher-self... looking for exciting adventures... searching for new ideas... wishing peace, love and happiness for all beings... learning to be just me whether i'm understood or not... and learning to love me, all of me, the way i am. i'm a beautiful work in progress... on the journey to enlightenment.


awww, you so rock!!! :) thanks so much. unfortunately, i don’t have this app. i’ve been going cell-phone-less these past few months as part of my spiritual journey. when this part of my journey ends, maybe i’ll get it. if i do, i’ll let you know. for the time being, we can be friends here and you can ask me whatever you want. wishing you much peace and love {hugs}

Now is the time for all young hippies to come to the aid of their planet. Yes, I mean that. We need you now! I know you’re young, inexperienced and unsure of yourselves. Our society has a plan for each of you. You can conform and be a part of the system, or you can discover who you really are, and express your unique individuality. The system has little tolerance for self-expression if it veers beyond the acceptable conformity. You’ve probably already experienced the alienation this engenders. 

We, the old, tired hippies offer you a pact. We offer you our wisdom, our resources (yes, some of us have money), our considerable skills, our time and attention. In return you provide us your enthusiasm, your energy, your voices, your concerns. We can teach you our ways, you can teach us yours. Together we must discuss, organize, prioritize, coordinate, motivate, and activate our brethren. 

We must develop an agenda for the new millennium. We must save our planet. We must demand tolerance. We must fight injustice. We must change the system. We must take only what we need. We must be examples to others. We must show them how futile and wasteful their programmed lives are. We must promote PLUR, Peace, Love, Understanding and Respect.

Hippies from A to Z  by Skip Stone